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Three strikes and you are out!

March 11, 2011

In under 3 months, I have had the great fortune to encounter 3 below-par customer engagement marketing experiences. And now this last one.

I recently renewed my car insurance policy and with it came a 25% discount (for being a valued customer) for a travel insurance product. Since I was going to Beijing soon, I decided that I would take up the offer both for the good discount and the expectation that it would be a hassle free buying process since I am an existing customer.

So I called the hotline and found myself repeating ALL my particulars. Now, I understand the need for security measures such as identification and payment details and new information such as travel details.

I DID NOT understand the need to repeat my full name, address and telephone number. And it did not come across as if the call center person even realized that I was an existing customer.

With the wide availability of smart customer interaction practices and technology platforms, surely something as basic as a “unified customer view” is a standard expectation?

In this day and age of limited customer loyalty, hyper competition, undifferentiated products and services, can marketers still afford to be careless in the practice and deployment of quality customer relationship management strategies and execution?

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