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Apologies to my dedicated Branch Manager for not dropping by.

March 11, 2011

Headline reads, “Bank A innovates on new frontier with real time interactions.”

On 7 Jan 2011, I received a “we want to be closer to you” letter from this same bank kindly informing me that I now have a dedicated branch that is convenient to me. Sweet!

However, in their quest to mark their time across Asia, a sense of distance appears to have been misplaced as my dedicated branch is 16.5 km away. Given the breadth of Asia, perhaps that’s not a big deal.

Interestingly though, there is a branch of this bank that is an easy to breathe walk of only 1 km away from me – could that have been a better option?

Now, there must be a piece of software that enables address matching by postal codes to ensure that the intent of a “closer customer relationship” is not let down by practical considerations such as a dedicated branch that is half the city away?

Or create a practical strategy that assigns “dedicated branches” based on client proximity before unleashing the mail merge function to produce these lovely letters and in the process, start to save 0.00017 of a tree per letter sent out.

Meanwhile, I regretfully send my apologies to my dedicated Branch Manager for not dropping by. I have not quite decided that 16.5km is a worthwhile trek.

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