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Have you discovered Discovr?

February 17, 2011

Every person has a killer app.

Mine is Discovr.

The other day, I decided to put it to the ultimate test.

I switched off the wireless and 3G connections for my iPad.

Then I loaded my new Discovr app.

It was amazing. Nothing worked.

Excitedly, I turned on the wifi connection and tried again.

It worked like a dream.

Ah, such is the power of the elegantly designed app.

At just 1.3MB, Discovr is a mere placeholder for data residing on the web. But once connected, it is your window to a limitless world of music discoveries.

Yes, Discovr is a music discovery app with a cool interface and some bloody clever thinking.

Just enter the name of any band you like, and it creates a music map (much like Pandora) showing you connected bands or singers that make similar music.

Tap any band to create a further map of connections.

Ready to delve into a particular band?

Double tapping the band name brings up an elegantly designed page with biography, reviews, blogs, links and a beckoning panel of YouTube videos.

I spent hours exploring my adolescent musical influences to see what I could read into them.

Teenage angst, heroic dreams, romantic yearnings… bring it on!

Of course, now that my kids have discovered Discovr, they are busy exploring their own musical universes.

And we’ve moved from a ‘once a week’ iPad charging family to the ‘twice a day’ variety.

Sigh, there goes next month’s electricity bill.


An Aside:

One of my first creative directors had said – “Write any headline, then write the body copy… you’ll find a better headline in there!”

I was leaning towards “Every person has a killer app. Mine is Discovr.”

What do you folks think?

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